Disruptor is the July game of the month!

Disruptor on the Playstation 1!

We are racing a playstation FPS this time! There is a WR in the 27 minute range. We are looking for the footage of it.

You’ve got a bunch of guns, and psionic powers are here too! The manual is worth a read; it gives directions on many of the stages! The game runs exceptionally well for a playstation FPS and we are looking forward to seeing how players handle it.

The prize this time is $25!

Speedbump game for May 21 — The Misadventures of Flink!

Misadventures of FlinkThe Misadventures of Flink

This time, we’re running the mega-drive platformer about a wizard who’s kind of lousy at his job. But he’ll do it anyway!

You can jump on enemies and slide and all that normal stuff. There’s also ingredients to collect that will let you cast spells. Spells use magic, but magic also works in the same manner as Sonic’s rings.

We are going for a WR by the 15th of June, 11:59pm EST! Good luck!

April 2021 speed game: Jelly Boy 2 (SNES)!

Jelly Boy 2!

Excited to bring Jerry Boy’s sequel to Speed Bump (sequel to Smartball, not “Jelly boy!”). This game features a half-dozen wildly different characters you can unlock and play as. Some move faster than others, one of them can hover, one can break through walls… Good mix. Routing is also a consideration because you have a stage select! Plenty of checkpoints should make for an easy time winning, but a hard time mastering.

We will be doing a double-feature for this one. WR competitions for both the any% and the good ending clear. You get the good ending by collecting all 9 puzzle pieces while you slime around.

$50 for first place in either category when time is up!