Keith Courage updates, speed tech (new current WR 23:18)

Howdy folks! Tried my hand at Keith tonight for a broadcast and set a time of 23:18. That run is here:

Here’s some stuff we learned:

  • Avoid grinding for hearts and money as much as possible.
  • The first sword is a decent buy for $300.
  • The 4th sword for $1200 in stage 4 is the one you absolutely want. Grind for the money in that same stage.
  • The world 4 money payout is generous and orbs are useful for stage 6, so they’re worth buying here too. It’s a bargain on this level.
  • Fall into the pit at the start of stage 5’s underworld to skip the upper layer.
  • Use orbs on the World 6 boss from a distance so he won’t move toward you. The #5 orb powerup is best, but #1 or #2 work well.
  • Freeze the final boss in place by falling into him from the right. Real easy to do; just jump over the last pit and turn around.

Here’s where you need to stop moving to get the boss of world 6 on screen, but not move toward you when you shoot him with orbs. He’ll fire off the heads still, so don’t let them knock you closer. This boss is the true final challenge, since you can freeze the last one.

I also encountered a bug in a different run where hearts were poison. It sucked! Hope that doesn’t happen to anyone else.