First live race pending + show format updates

We are going to be looking for runners this Sunday night to host our first of many live races of whatever the current speedgame is. Preferably, one or two of them will have isolated game audio on their broadcast so we can capture it. We might host more than one or two races per speed game, depending on how it goes.

I’m looking into the concept of divvying up the monthly pot out to the top 3 rather than just #1. I feel this will cause more people to give it a serious effort than a single winner.

Note: Runners really should be uploading, sharing their top runs as they complete them, even if they plan on getting better ones. This is especially true in the case of a new WR. Avoiding sharing these accomplishments and any information that can be gleaned from it is not the spirit and community we are hoping to achieve.

Keith Courage WR currently standing at 19:56 which is great news; our first game was an excellent choice and in under a week we have reduced that record time by almost half, shaving off almost 16 minutes.