October’s Speed Game: Racing Gears Advance (GBA)!

Racing Gears Advance (GBA)

This month, we’ll try out our first racing game! This title is an overhead racer with a lot of silly powers, attacks and speed moves. We are looking to do the first 3 circuits of the 5 that exist, from a fresh save.

There are a lot of upgrades to buy, shortcuts to learn and powers to measure. Each racer is different, and there are many types of terrain too. We know a few things: You need to qualify as 1st ultimately in order to unlock the next circuit, so you’ll need a lot of points overall to clear the run. You can choose weapons, which include the boost that I suspect will be a primary choice here. Engine upgrades, handling and tires seem very important in their own way.

We don’t have a WR for this one going in that we know about!

Payouts for this game will be decided at the end of the month! 1st place: $50,  2nd place: $20,  3rd place: $10