New PS1 game just dropped – Magic Castle

Magic Castle on the PMagic CastleS1 is our speed game of January 2021! It is a roguelike that was left unfinished until the start of this year! We hopped right on it because it’s a lot of fun and I think it will make for a very interesting racing game. We will be along with everyone else in the world trying to figure out how this game works.

The goal of our race on January 31st will be first to kill the lich, or best distance in 1 hour.

The prize for this one is $100, for first place!!

You can play between any of four characters and even multiple characters at once if you feel that will help you (they don’t share exp so I have my doubts). There are a lot of items to manage, upgrades to find and levels to clear in order to make sure you can survive.

The game is free and there are some guides available directly from the devs. I’ve also beaten the game myself but I still have a lot to learn about the rules. There are a bunch of optional quests that increase your rank, some on a secret list and some given right-out. We are unsure if these make the final boss spawn, or if the lich just shows up after enough floors are cleared. I worked out how to do most of them at this point. Good luck sleuthing the mechanics out!