March Speed Game – Replacing SkullMonkeys

Adventures of the Smurfs

We will be doing a race in 3 weeks on Sunday night, to see who the best Smurfer is.

SkullMonkeys proved to be too long, difficult and refined of a record for the community to tackle. There wasn’t enough interest in it, and I think those are the reasons. So we switched it up! This is Adventures of the Smurfs on the GameBoy Color. It is a very short little romp through some tilted camera platforming and a few driving/flying sections.

Learning the route is the #1 ticket to success in this game. Bumbling around makes up the bulk of its length. Casual clear time for this game is probably around 30 minutes. They give you a heap ton of lives and collectables to open up bonus areas (that a speedrunner wouldn’t want to use) so beating the game itself is not too much of a challenge. The WR has already been beaten by the community, Erix33 has it down to 11:13 at the time of this post! We’ll see how it shapes up.