Our next game is Mr. Tuff!

Mr. Tuff!

Our new speed game choice is a WR attack, which ends on Feb. 20! This game is a beatemup platformer with various weapons and vehicles to use for clobbering things.

This is an unreleased game by Ocean and the team behind Firepower 2000. It has one speedrun for a 100% category, clocking in at 42 minutes. We are looking to set some any% times. Let’s get it!

During the off-time in January, we did a short bunch of runs for Demon Burst, a cool and short little game that is available for free. Be sure to check it out! Our time was reduced to 1m48s, by Gaphodil! Also, Darkman425’s page has some resources for Speed Bump in general and I wanted to drop a link there. Thanks for all the help.