About the Events

Speed Bump is a weekly show that hosts a competitive speedrunning event with the goal of setting new world records in unoptimized games (sometimes, we host a race instead of a WR contest).

The show is hosted on twitch.tv/Smight every Sunday night at approximately 9:30 Eastern (immediately following the Arcade Pit show).

Approximately every month, we change to a new speed game. Each following week, we will discuss new runs and progress! On weeks 2 and 4, we host live races (open participation, everyone is welcome!)

About the event:

  • Every month, a new game is announced for a speedrun challenge.
  • Four weeks time will be given for the community to achieve the best run possible. (duration may vary; use the website clock)
  • When time is up, the #1 runner will win a cash prize and may be invited on the show while we watch the run!

We choose games we feel are “un-optimized,” meaning we feel the game’s speedruns can be largely improved upon, if a run even exists at all.

Ideally, the runs will be posted on speedrun.com. You can also send us your run through discord / twitter, or comments on the front page.

If you are interested in discussing the event with our community, join Smight’s discord and look for the #SpeedBump room! It is heavily recommended to join just for the information you will find as we study the game, but it is not mandatory.

Speed Bump is hosted by Smight and authorblues