August Speedgame updates! Bananner Nababber!

Bananner Nababber

This month during downtime, we organized for Adventures of Pinocchio’s prototype gameboy game for a few weeks and Moonberry2 took it as the winner! It was a puzzle game in the design of Solstice.

Now we are ready for the Banana Nababa sequel! It is freely available, and features a boss rush with tight controls and unlockable characters. Likely for the speedrun, Harry is going to be the character. The goal will be to clear normal mode as fast as possible!

We’ll be doing this one for the whole month of August! Good luck.


Race mode for now!

While we decide on future formatting and also look for good game content, we are merrily hosting some Mystery races weekly on the Speed Bump show instead.

Anyone who wants to join a mystery race just needs to hop on the discord and mark the notice for it when it is time to go (9:30 pm Eastern)

We generally run these for 30 minutes to an hour, commentating over the feeds that are sent right to twitch.

Thanks everyone!

Update: Last week for Sealed Bite!

Here’s a little update post to get the website on track with current events:

We moved to this neat, free metroidvania after trying our hand at the incredible Mr. Tuff run that just wasn’t gonna get stopped.

We’ve made some great strides. There are lots of resources available for this game now after our two weeks of running it. One week remaining!

The goal is to find the three crystals [power-ups for climbing, jumping and pushing] and then return to battle the boss. I’ve seen this record go from 30 minutes to less than ten! Where we currently stand as of this post is: 8:46 by Dududedude

Our next game is Mr. Tuff!

Mr. Tuff!

Our new speed game choice is a WR attack, which ends on Feb. 20! This game is a beatemup platformer with various weapons and vehicles to use for clobbering things.

This is an unreleased game by Ocean and the team behind Firepower 2000. It has one speedrun for a 100% category, clocking in at 42 minutes. We are looking to set some any% times. Let’s get it!

During the off-time in January, we did a short bunch of runs for Demon Burst, a cool and short little game that is available for free. Be sure to check it out! Our time was reduced to 1m48s, by Gaphodil! Also, Darkman425’s page has some resources for Speed Bump in general and I wanted to drop a link there. Thanks for all the help.