December: The Adventures of Lomax, on the PSX!

The Adventures of Lomax

This platformer game is a spin-off from the Lemmings universe! We are going after the WR, which is 42 minutes at the time of this post.

You have a spin attack, can throw your helmet [if you have one] for damage, and there’s lots of stages to go through!

There’s some RNG in this one that can influence things. We are looking at getting that time under 40 minutes if we can! If it turns out to be a tall order, we may switch to a race format or switch games entirely. Let’s give it a shot! link

Good luck!

Haunted Mystery Battle – Oct. 31!!

We are having an open invitational contest on October 31st, at 10:00 PM Eastern time. It should be a lot of fun! We are looking to get as many people as we can. So if you’re interested, stop on by!

  • Every player will receive 10 unseen challenges crafted by authorblues & Smight, right before race time.
  • The players need to clear as many as they can in one hour. Players can tackle challenges in any order.
  • A customized tracker will be designed for this purpose. Players will need to use it to mark challenges as complete.
  • Players must stream to twitch and have VODs enabled so that we can observe and confirm the results.

$50 Prize for the winner.

Hop in the discord to sign up!

Change of plans – Mystery races for October’s remainder!

Nightmare Creatures proved to be a real challenge to tackle in a few weeks as a speedbump game. We are opting instead to do some halloween-themed mystery races and challenge packs. These are open to everyone. Come win some prize money!

On Sunday the 24th, at 9:30 pm Eastern, we will have a big halloween game race!.

On Sunday the 31th, at 10:00 pm Eastern, we will be giving racers multiple challenges to clear. Let’s see who best handles that!

See you then everyone! Remember to hop in the discord to let us know you want to participate.

(edited to reflect new schedule)

Nightmare Creatures is our spooky October game!

Nightmare Creatures, on the Playstation / N64

This game is a beat-em-up 3D horror adventure! It has a lot of focus on different combos and executions that you can do to zombies. You can collect items and lives over the course of your run to make things less painful.

We are given the choice between two characters here. We are still debating what the actual run will be! As of this post, there are only a few runs, with Ignatius. Any% features an out-of-bounds glitch that skips a truckload of time. And nearly 30 minutes slower, the glitchless run.

Likely we will do any% with either character. Let us know what you think!

$50 prize for this halloween game when time is up on October 31, 2021!