October’s Speed Game: Racing Gears Advance (GBA)!

Racing Gears Advance (GBA)

This month, we’ll try out our first racing game! This title is an overhead racer with a lot of silly powers, attacks and speed moves. We are looking to do the first 3 circuits of the 5 that exist, from a fresh save.

There are a lot of upgrades to buy, shortcuts to learn and powers to measure. Each racer is different, and there are many types of terrain too. We know a few things: You need to qualify as 1st ultimately in order to unlock the next circuit, so you’ll need a lot of points overall to clear the run. You can choose weapons, which include the boost that I suspect will be a primary choice here. Engine upgrades, handling and tires seem very important in their own way.

We don’t have a WR for this one going in that we know about!

Payouts for this game will be decided at the end of the month! Read more...

September’s official game – Pocky & Rocky with Becky

Pocky & Rocky with Becky (GBA)

This is another entry in the Pocky & Rocky series you might’ve seen on the SNES. This one doesn’t have coop features, but we aren’t worried about that. All we care about is getting it optimized! There is a speedrun in existence you can check out for some starting tips that sets a pretty good standard for us here.

Some information: Pocky and Becky do more damage than Rocky, who has access to a pretty decent homing shot power-up. I’m not sure which one is the best at this time, though the current WR chose Becky, who uses a shotgun style shot.

You die in two hits, and can’t use bombs on the boss. Also, dying on the boss resets the boss fight, so you’ll have to use a lot of caution too.

Good luck!

Delay in new game

We chose Blues Brothers 2000 last week but due to complications of running it across the board, we are switching to a new one this week! We need to make sure the runners have a consistent game experience. See you tonight for a new Sept. challenge.

August’s game: a run’n’gun called Abuse (DOS)!

Abuse (DOS)

Abuse is a DOS game from 1996 that you can probably find on other systems as well. As of this post, we are allowing any version. Contact our discord channel if you need help running it!

Because this game’s source was handed out, we will have to check on versions before making a call on that. There is support on WiiWare, for the 360 controller, DOS and various other platforms so we have some options to look at. We need to verify they are similar enough.

This game is non-linear and full of secrets, so finding the best route will be an issue. There is a WR to watch for some initial strats.

1st: $50         2nd: $20         3rd: $10