Asterix and the Great Rescue (Genesis)

Asterix Great RescueThere are a lot of game entries in the Asterix and Obelix franchise, across many consoles from SNES to PS2. You can even find a few of them on steam. We are playing Asterix and the Great Rescue on the Sega Genesis!

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Any% is the category.

It seems like difficulty doesn’t matter. In fact, it may well be that hard mode only reduces the time limit per stage, saving you time overall.

$50 cash prize to the best run by May 24.

Good luck everybody!!

Devilish – Next Possession (Genesis)

Folks! April’s game is here! Devilish – The Next Possession on the Sega Genesis. This is a breakout adventure roleplaying action game with two paddles. It’s pretty tough because of limited lives and an in-game timer, but if you can beat the game you’ll already be on good pace!

  • Timer starts as your ball appears on screen in stage 1.
  • Timer ends when clear timer reaches 0:00 on stage 7 clear screen before credits.
  • Default settings, easy difficulty. No added ball stock allowed.

You can find the leaderboard here at — Current WR at the time of starting is 30:01 by RetroGhoulie, as far as we can confirm.

Speed Bump future show schedule

Hello! We have been tinkering with the content after doing it for a few months and want to run the show in a consistent and entertaining manner, by adhering to this schedule:

Week 1: A new game is announced. Winners for the previous game are displayed.

Week 2: A live race of the monthly speedgame; everyone welcome to join! Operates out of discord by bot.

Week 3: Watch current WR of the game, as well as the WR from the previous game.

Week 4: A second live race. Show us what you’ve learned! Everyone welcome, again.

Week 5, if it exists: We will give some updates on the current game’s status, and possibly take a look at a few of the speedgames that didn’t make the cut and discuss why

We would definitely like to see as many runners, and race participants, as possible! We’re open to suggestions on content for the show if you have any!