August’s game: a run’n’gun called Abuse (DOS)!

Abuse (DOS)

Abuse is a DOS game from 1996 that you can probably find on other systems as well. As of this post, we are allowing any version. Contact our discord channel if you need help running it!

Because this game’s source was handed out, we will have to check on versions before making a call on that. There is support on WiiWare, for the 360 controller, DOS and various other platforms so we have some options to look at. We need to verify they are similar enough.

This game is non-linear and full of secrets, so finding the best route will be an issue. There is a WR to watch for some initial strats.

1st: $50         2nd: $20         3rd: $10

July’s game: Cast of the Seven Godsends!

Cast of the Seven Godsends

We are doing an indie platformer game called Cast of the Seven Godsends, available on Steam or the Nintendo Switch. The gameplay is most similar to Ghouls ‘N’ Ghosts, but it is a bit more frantic. Somehow it isn’t quite as difficult as that series. Looking forward to seeing how it goes! The current WR at this posting is 27:26 but I don’t think that will last long. Good luck!~

1st: $50         2nd: $20         3rd: $10

June’s speedbump pick: Mickey no Tokyo Disneyland Daibouken

Mickey no Tokyo Disneyland Daibouken

This game is all about using balloons to fly around quickly or kill enemies. Lots of tech involved with that. Reminds me of Sparkster; should be fun! You can play on easy difficulty to start with 8 HP. That is the only change, that we know of.

No WR that we could find. There is a TAS here you can watch that clears it in 20:35. Very impressive and fun to watch.

Prizes are $50 for 1st, $20 for 2nd, and $10 for 3rd. Good luck!!

Banana Nababa — a 2 week speedgame challenge

Banana Nababa!!

There is no current WR that I could find for this title, so it is up for grabs! Go get it.

This homebrew boss arena game from 2007~ is free to play and I will be hosting it here, though you can find it on various gaming internet archives.

It is a simple enough game with 3 buttons: Jump, attack, & change weapons (axe or spear).

Axe arcs and spear goes forward faster. This game is fairly difficult but the bosses are completely learnable!

Joy2Key is okay to use (no turbo*** edit: we are discussing if turbo is okay).

I would recommend watching this LP by kazeugma for information about bosses.